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Retreat Information

Free long weekend retreats for active duty veterans and their families. Quality time together in the mountains west of Colorado Springs in a lodge with meals provided. Optional activities for everyone, child care provided. Contact Donna Finicle, Director of Welcome Home Warrior at (719) 439-3621 or  Email Welcome Home Warrior

Retreats are funded by grants and donation. Our generous donor list includes both private and public sources such as Wal Mart, City of Woodland Park, and Community Investment Fund.


Welcome Home Warrior

P.O. Box 7217
Woodland Park , Colorado 80863
Phone: 719 439 3621
E-Mail: welcomehomewarrior@comcast.net

Executive Director

Name: Donna M. Finicle
Title: Executive Director
E-Mail: welcomehomewarrior@comcast.net

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